We are amidst a great revolution. A revolution at the heart of self-driving cars, lost factory jobs and Amazon book suggestions. The ability of machines, in interaction with humans, to radically improve how we make decisions and what we make decisions about. The 20th century changed the way we understand human decision making, from the mechanical and logical to complex and irrational. With the reduction in computing and data storage cost, combined with an exponential increase in our ability to process the data, the 21st century will bring us the ability to make faster and better decisions, tackling ever complex issues. IF we understand how to leverage these new tools.

Through a series of podcasts and interviews, we explore the drivers behind this revolution with experts, business executives and community leaders, to learn how they are affected by these changes. How are they using data for better and faster decision making? How are they using automation in decision making for efficiency gains? How are they shaping the future of their fields with technology to win?

The Decision Room was founded in 2016 by Martin Nyvang Mariussen and Karol Kalejta out of an interest to gain a deeper understanding of decision making and its intersection with technology. Helping organisations and individuals make better, faster and more aligned decisions. The Decision Room is a window into our own journey, trying to understand how our field of decision making is changing these years and will change in the future.

Best regards, your journey guides.

Martin Nyvang Mariussen & Karol Kalejta.



Martin Nyvang Mariussen

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MBA, M.Sc Finance & Strategy, B.Sc. Int. Business

Consultant, Implement Consulting Group


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Karol Kaletja

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MBA, B.Sc. Econ & Finance

Chief Insurance Advisor


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