At The Decision Room we are always on the lookout for useful tools to help our ability to make good decisions and free up time from non-value-creating decision making. Here we share some of our favourite tools for you to try out. Drop us an e-mail about your favourite tools for better -and faster decision making to add to the list. (Formerly know as Amy) - Your personal e-mail assistant: We love Amy here at The Decisionroom. Automatically coordinating the decision on when to meet, Amy saves you time and frustration. Check it out here.

Rescue Time - Effective decision making in how to use your time: As a consultant we would sometimes help executives become more efficient in their use of time. Those project always started mapping how they spend their time and uncovering their bad working habits. Rescue time offers the same service to everyone now, so you can decide better on how you spend your time at work. Check it out here.